Great Time to Join My TEAM!

I'm looking for people to join my THRIVE Life TEAM!  

Even if you have no interest in a thriving (pun intended) home business, you will want the benefits of being a consultant.  There are NO monthly party or sales quotas, and no fees. What keeps you active as a Consultant is being on the Q for at least $50 in product each month (there is only a 3 month commitment on the Q after you purchase a consultant kit) 

As a consultant you will receive commission and free product off your OWN purchases, as well as any other orders that come to you!  The FREE and half off products alone are SUCH an incentive to become a consultant.  You will get to be on the Q and build a Home Store at your own pace.  

One other huge perk is that you will have the ability to give the lowest pricing to your friends and family when they want to purchase Thrive products.  

Go ahead and email any questions you have.

Take a look at what you get in our NEW Starter Kits!

There are no party quotas to meet, or sales you have to process. All you have to do to become a consultant is:
  • Buy a consultant kit (they start at $129 and are a great savings on the products!)
  •  Have a minimum $50 Q process every month. (That’s Thrive’s monthly shipment program – and you get to choose the products you want each month and the date it processes. They have fabulous food and emergency supplies! I always choose from the monthly items that are on sale!)

Put my Information under "Enroller"
 ~ Shelli Rasmussen
~ ID # 1055
~ 816-694-0215

I am also happy to sign you up. Please contact me and I will take care of that for ME at 816-694-0215 or to purchase a Starter Kit. All the kits include everything you need to get started: product samples, catalogs,supplies to market your business, and the ingredients and recipes you need to hold your first party.

What other traditional business can you start for that amount? In addition, you’ll need to set up a personal plan with the THRIVE Q*, THRIVE Life pay-as-you-go food storage program.

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