Food Rotation Systems

Free Standing Systems 
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I LOVE my Harvest 72" unit shelving units! I have 5 now and they keep me organized in managing my Home Grocery Store inventory. It's wonderful that I can send the kids to the storage room to get a can that I need for dinner....that just saved me a trip to the grocery store!

With it's patented front loading technology, your cans automatically rotate for first in first out usage. The Harvest 72" is the largest, most popular food rotation system offered by THRIVE Life. It can be configured with all #10 cans or adjusted for different can sizes you buy at the grocery store. The shelves have the capacity to hold up to 460 cans of various sizes or 112 of the #10 can size. 

Tech Specs

Dimensions Capacity Up to 460 cans
Height 72"
Depth 24.5"
Width 36.5"


  • Can width is adjustable
  • Small tracks hold up to 15 vegetable size or 17 soup size cans
  • Medium tracks hold up to 11 medium size cans

Cansolidator Series  
The Cansolidator Pantry Plus holds both small and medium cans. Sturdy, compact, and reliable, the Cansolidator Pantry Plus is the perfect stand-alone solution for any pantry.

60 cans
* Rotates cans on a first in first out basis
* Holds up to 60 cans
* Holds over 100 pounds
* Stores small and medium cans (from tuna size all the way to medium 30 oz. cans)
* Adjustable width (30" at its widest)
*Units may be stacked for space optimization (note: It's recommended that no more than 2 units be stacked)


    1. Gosh, these look great. I cans are organized, but I can't reach the top one's well at all and when I'm lazy they don't get rotated properly. Would you mind linking this to my Making Space Monday's linky party?