About Me!

I'm a busy mom with 4 kids, well sometimes 5 kids....if I can count my husband! I'm always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen in preparing meals that aren't loaded with additives and preservatives! I didn't even know that was possible until my sister-in-law introduced me to THRIVE Life! (thanks Amber!) I was the last person that ever thought she would get some of her groceries shipped to her! 

My kids love helping me open the boxes each month to see what we got this time. They love taking the Pomegranate Yogurt Bites (which is my FAVORITE....you've got to try them....so Yummy!), bananas, and Fuji Apples to school for a snack!

I also LOVE that I have a "Home Store" stocked with just about every ingredient that I need to cook some of our favorite meals!.......AND the 
best part I can cook them in half the time! Oh did I mention....say good-bye to "No More Cutting Onions!"

My Experience!  I’ve been an Independent Consultant for over 5 years and have reached the top rank in the company: Platinum Executive.  I served on the Advisory Board for almost 2 years. In January 2013 I was asked to be on the THRIVE Life Product Board. I have conducted company wide trainings, as well as 3 local Corporate Sponsored Trainings.  I also was asked to train at the 2012 THRIVE Life convention.

What I LOVE that Makes Being a THRIVE Life Consultant So Great....

  • I love that I am selling a NEED not a want: Everyone eats, so our product appeals to EVERYONE!
  • I am selling a consumable product.  I have Customers that return to purchase from me multiple times.
  • I LOVE that I can set my own hours! I work when the kids are asleep and at school.
  • I don't have to carry any inventory. Everything is shipped directly from the company warehouse.
  • There are no minimum sales requirements. YEA! You make 5%-32% of what you personally sell....no matter how much you sell.
  • I make commission on my own purchases. You earn 10% of everything you personally purchase outside of your monthly Q.
  • I can be both a host and a consultant and get both benefits! I LOVE this! Earn commission as the consultant and free product by being your own host! Most of my food in my Home Store has been for FREE!
  • I can earn commission on my team’s sales. This is where the full time income potential happens!
  • I make money even if I take a month or more off.  Because there are no minimum number of required parties, you can earn an income each month, even without having a party, by having customers on the THRIVE Q.
  • THRIVE Life is a wonderful company to be a part of! The company has a wonderful mission statement that I support. I know the owners and leaders of the company from working with them on the Advisory Board and Product Board. They are great men and women with integrity who truly want to do good all over the world.
  • There is HUGE potential for growth with this company. THRIVE Life has been around for 9+ years (they are a solid company). They started selling their products through home parties just a few years ago.  As of May 2013 there were just under 10,000 consultant TOTAL!  That is including Canada, Japan, AND Puerto Rico! In comparison, Avon, Pampered Chef, and Mary Kay all have hundreds of thousands of consultants.
If you would like to learn more on how to get your own Home Store started on a monthly budget like I did, earn products for FREE and half price, or even learn how to be a consultant yourself….Please contact me if you are interested in this wonderful opportunity! 
(Shelli: 816-694-0215 or thrivehomestore@gmail.com)  

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