Saturday, February 6, 2016

Star Wars R2D2 Valentines Boxes

This is my daughter's last year in elementary school and her class is having a contest on Valentines boxes. With the new Star Wars movie out this year....that was her theme she wanted to use! We got some awesome ideas online to make our version of R2D2. We had so much fun making these!

These were so FUN and pretty easy to make.

~We bought a small white trashcan from the Container Store (they have black also, which would be great for Darth Vader!)
~Sprayed painted the lid silver
~We used blue, silver, and black vinyl to cut out all the different shapes.

~We used white foam board to cut out the "legs" and then just taped them on.

(I have an Etsy Shop that I sell my vinyl lettering on:

My friend made this using the black trashcan and just white vinyl that I gave her. It turned out SO CUTE!

These Valentine Cards were simple to make also.
~I just found some "clip art" that I liked online.
~Created a card on Photoshop and typed the wording I wanting on them.
~I had them printed (like a photo) at Walmart
~Cut slits by the "hands" and stuck a Pixie Stick behind it.

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