Monday, December 14, 2015

Candy Cane Macaroons

Don’t think peppermint and coconut go together? Think again! I made these cookies over the weekend....SO YUMMY! I'm going to make them again to actually share "with others" this time. (click on the photo to watch "how to make these")

Candy Cane Macaroon Recipe

Our Macaroon Cookie Mix is on sale this month!
~Another idea is just make plain macaroon cookies and drizzle melted chocolate on top after the cookies have cooled. 
~I've also added a strawberry yogurt bite in the middle of the mix. Once you mix up the macaroon cookie mix, spoon it on the baking sheet, and then add a yogurt bite in the middle of it before you bake them. You have a Strawberry Macaroon Cookie!...and then you can drizzle chocolate on them also!

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