Friday, November 22, 2013

THRIVE Life Black Friday Sneak Peak flyer

Summer Clearance

SNEAK PEAK.....   

Did you know.....You can pre-order! Either: Fill your cart with the items you want before the sale and then process your order once the sale starts on Friday, November 29th at Midnight OR Email me with your order and I will take your pre-order. Then, I will place your order for you with THRIVE Life early Friday morning (as close to midnight as possible). You will have a much better chance of getting all your favorite items before they sell out AND you will be able to take care of your order before the holiday and the real Black Friday shopping craze! (the sale is while supplies last!)

You can ALSO take part in my customer appreciation program and earn 10% back in free product plus additional 50% off products by simply sharing the sale with your friends and family. Read below to learn more.

To show you my appreciation… I'm giving 10% back infree product on purchases from you and your friends!!

Thank you so much for supporting me in my business and allowing me to be your Thrive Life consultant. This is my favorite part of the year because I get to show you my gratitude.

During Black Friday I earn 10% back in free product from all sales of my customers.  Instead of keeping this for myself I would like to give it back to you!!

To participate in this customer appreciation event all you have to do is place a Black Friday order and send my Black Friday sales email on to your friends and family....which is coming SOON!   ARE YOU IN?  Follow the instructions below to take advantage of this great opportunity.

How you can earn FREE Thrive...

1. Respond to this email by Monday, November 25th and let me know that you would like to participate.
2. Start collecting emails of those you would like to share this with. The more people you contact...the more free product you can get.
3. When you receive my email about the sale, simply add a personal note and forward it on to anyone and everyone you know. You can also post the link on Facebook. Your friends will be so grateful to you for spreading the word!!  Let them know that you get credit for the referral and ask them to let you know when they place an order.

4. Text and call at least 10 of your friends reminding them about the sale and see if they would like to place an order.

5. When the sale is over send me a list of the names of your contacts that ordered so I can give you credit.
6. I will let you know what you have earned in free product and you get to go on a shopping spree!

(In order to collect your free Thrive at least 2 of your friends must place an order)

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