Thursday, October 17, 2013

Red Cross Black Out Buddy...LOVE IT!

Red Cross Black Out Buddy
This is another one of my kids favorite emergency products....and mine too! A couple of years ago, my husband was watching ESPN one night (well that's every night) and I was working on the computer when our
power went off. It was Pitched dark in the basement and we couldn't see anything! I went upstairs to try and find a
flashlight and of course there isn't one in the drawer. When I finally found one in my sons room, the batteries were dead, so I had to go back downstairs to get the guessed it.....I didn't have any in the size that I needed! (LOL...cause that doesn't happen to anyone else.)
By the time my husband went to his truck to get his flashlight, our power finally came back on and we had light! 

So...I got back on the computer and did a search for "Light" under our Emergency Products and came across the Red Cross Black Out Buddy, so I decide to order one to try it out.
I just LOVE it! I have brought 3 now, one for each level in our home. I keep in plugged in, so it's always charged. When it gets dark, the "night light" feature comes on and then when the kids want to use it, it's also a flashlight.


  • Bright emergency 3LED light
  • Lights up when there is a power failure or blackout
  • Can be used as a flashlight
  • One LED night light
  • Fold-up prongs plug directly into electrical socket for constant charge
(Click here to learn more and purchase) The Red Cross Black out Buddy is on Sale this month! Add it to your Q shipment and get the lowest sale price! 

Makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer!

Click here to see what else is on sale in October!

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