Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hurricane Season: Do you have a 72 hr kit ready for your family?

Be A Force of Nature: Get Ready for Hurricane Season!

hurricaneblog6001 Be A Force of Nature: Get Ready for Hurricane Season!

Did you know.......This week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week? In honor of the Atlantic hurricane season beginning on June 1st. NOAA is forecasting a hurricane season that could be extremely active this year, with 13–20 named storms, 7–11 hurricanes, and 3–6 major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher (read more here). THRIVE Life would like to join organizations like FEMA and NOAA by posting some tips for preparing for hurricanes and other severe weather situations. Make sure you’re ready before the hurricanes hit!

Preparedness Tips:

  • Know the weather risks in your area. FEMA has a Risk Assessment Map that will help you learn about the risks in your area, and NOAA has a Preparedness Guide that gives the basics of hurricanes, what dangers they entail, and how you can prepare for them.
  • Make sure you know how you will be notified if there is a hurricane or other severe weather emergency in your area. is a great place to go for weather updates, and NOAA has a Wireless Emergency Alert program that will notify you via text when there are dangerous weather conditions.
  • Find out the elevation of your house and whether it’s in a flood-prone area that could be affected during storms. You can rate your flood risk at
  • Know the evacuation routes in your area and make sure your family has a safe place to go in the event of an evacuation, as well as a way to get there. FEMA gives some helpful evacuation guidelines to follow so you’ll know what to do in the event of an evacuation, plus a Family Emergency Plan you can fill out with contact cards for each family member.
  • Make sure you know where the utility shutoffs are in your home—in an emergency you won’t have time to go searching for your water main or gas shutoff.
  • Put together the food, water, and supplies you’ll need in the event of a hurricane or storm-related emergency. You can purchase pre-assembled emergency kits or create your own kit customized to your family with our emergency kit planner. Take a look at FEMA’s emergency supply list for ideas of what to include, and make sure to have a NOAA weather radio and generator on hand for emergencies.

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