Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NEW THRIVE Spices and Seasonings!

I have been a THRIVE Life Consultant for 3 years now and I hear a lot of requests for new products. One of the most asked is.....“When will THRIVE Life offer Freeze Dried Spices?”

Well....We NOW offer Freeze Dried Spices!  I am so excited about this! I feel my “Home Store” is complete with our NEW Spices and Seasonings!  I’ve already started using these in my cooking and I just LOVE them! I’ve noticed that every dish I’ve made so far, I have used at least one or more of the NEW Spices!  YOU are going to LOVE these!!

So what is the difference between Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated

  • Freeze dried are much more flavorful than the dehydrated spices you buy at the grocery store.  This means you can use less for the same effect which saves money! These smell so YUMMY when you open the cans!
  • Freeze dried have a much longer shelf life!  Our Freeze dried spices will lasts 25 years!  WOW!  THRIVE Life has created a patented pop-top packaging system for the purpose of maintaining these herbs shelf life
So you might ask: “How expensive are they?”
Because of all those benefits mentioned, you might expect to pay more, right?  Wrong.  These are FAR less than what I’ve been paying for freeze dried spices at the grocery store.  These are actually about the same, or even a bit less than what you’d pay for quality dehydrated products!

There are 9 new herbs / blends to choose from:
(the Chef's Choice and Peppercorn are Chef Todds creations!)

Chef's Choice     


Salad Blend

Or, you can get all of them at once in a Variety Pack: 
The THRIVE Seasonings Variety Pack comes with one of each of our 9 herbs and seasoning blends. I bought one pack for my long term storage and one pack for my cooking! Give them as a gift!


Let me know if you have any questions about our products!
  I would also LOVE to hear about your experiences as you start using these NEW Spices & Seasonings!

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