Monday, April 8, 2013

NEW THRIVE Sauces - Just Add Water!

Try our delicious and convenient new sauces in some of our great recipes! 

Make perfect white sauces in minutes with THRIVE Béchamel sauce! Use this creamy white sauce to make delicious fettuccine Alfredo, cheese sauce, or potato soup.

 Make delicious beef gravy with THRIVE Espagnole sauce! This savory brown sauce is perfect for beef or pork dishes, stews, or mashed potatoes.

Tomato sauce: This rich red sauce is a staple for quick and easy pasta, pizza, or tomato soup!

Making rich chicken gravy is a breeze with THRIVE Velouté sauce! It’s just the thing for chicken dishes, pot pies, and casseroles. 

Sauce Variety 4-Pack 

Sauce Variety 4 Pack: Includes 1 pantry can of each:
Béchamel: Creamy White Sauce
Velouté: Rich Chicken Gravy
Espagnole: Savory Beef Gravy
Tomato: Classic Tomato Sauce

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