Tuesday, November 27, 2012

THRIVE food Sale Extended until TODAY!

There is still time to place your order!  At least check out what is on sale......wait....it's EVERYTHING! If you haven't started on your Home Store or want to add some additional items to it....This is a GREAT TIME to stock up or start! The food taste great and last 25 years! I love our Pineapple and Yogurt bites!

Don't forget about our Emergency Products! We have a great 2 person 72 hour kit that is $69.99! This would be a great Christmas Gift for any College Student or even a Wedding Gift!

We have our Grain Mill Wheat Hand Grinder for $44.99....another Great Christmas Gift. If your power goes out....how would you grind your wheat?

Do you camp, hunt, hike, fish, have a scout......Our Flint Striker is $3.99 and our Don't Die Out There Playing cards $5.99! Great Stocking Stuffer!
If you have wanted one of our Food Rotation Systems ($249.99)....tell your husband and he can place the order on line! I have 4 and LOVE THEM! I can tell what I have and it keeps me organized!

Tell your family and friends!
Have a Wonderful Week!
Shelli Rasmussen

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